Here Is What Past Clients Say About CareerPlace™

“It has been a pleasure working with you and all the volunteers that make CareerPlace™ such a great place for those in transition. I have recently landed as a national account manager and my involvement with CareerPlace™ has certainly paid off. Attending networking sessions, workshops on difficult interview questions, or just utilizing the office facilities and comparing notes with others ‘in the hunt’ was all very helpful for me. Even when I had two companies interested, CareerPlace™ came through as a resource with valuable information about salary negotiations.”

–Stew G., Barrington, IL

“I was completely blown away by the wealth of knowledge and suggestions my CareerPlace™ coach gave me. He also repeatedly told me to stay positive as an indirect way of promoting myself. This is the BEST THING I ever did for myself. THANK YOU for offering this service.”

–Michelle R. , Vernon Hills, IL

“Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to you and everyone who has helped me during my job search process. I have been overwhelmed by your expressions of love, your prayers and the offers of assistance to help me. I am looking forward to returning these ‘golden-rule’ biblical principles in the future and am anxious to help any of you in any of your initiatives.”

–Mike E., Aurora, Il

“Thank you for all your help. The Thursday evening sessions were immensely helpful as were the interviewing sessions. I used several interviewing and negotiation techniques that I learned at CareerPlace™ and was able to find a job I am very excited about from a role as well as financial standpoint. I did wait eight months for the right job.”

–Rohit A., Gilberts, IL

“What I like about CareerPlace™ is the broad scope. Unlike many other professional services that only focus on helping one create a resume or conduct a job search, CareerPlace™ offered a complete solution.”

–Dimitri G., Cary, IL

“When I went to the Interviewing Skills workshop (where you are videotaped), the teacher gave me my Brand, I stuck to it, and it was the main reason that I was chosen over three others.”

–Steven S., Round Lake Beach, IL

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