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Transitioning an employee, whether for restructuring or for cause, is challenging and very stressful, and may be damaging to your business. Delivering news of a termination to an employee is one of the most disheartening tasks in business. Looking employees in the eye and delivering the terrible news, when it may be due to circumstances beyond their control, can be the hardest task a supervisor can face. The stress on both sides of the desk is palpable.

Outplacements by CareerPlace™ offers outplacement solutions to help manage employee terminations and individual or mass layoffs.


Career AssessmentCreate an asset inventory of key skills and competencies to helpCP_OutplacementBrochure_FNL2_sprd_img2 take the next step along a personal career path.

Dedicated Career CoachA committed team of career coaches offer personalized
attention needed to achieve career success.

Career Guidance and Support: Develop strategies and action steps to forge ahead in a rewarding career path.

Resume DevelopmentDevelop a winning resume that showcases professional achievements.

Peer SupportA peer support network builds confidence and positive results.

Change ManagementChange management support techniques can help reduce exposure to litigation.


CareerPlace is a nonprofit organization with a sole mission to help workers build skills and advance along a career pathway. We offer effective outplacement packages at various tax deductible* annual contribution levels.

Platinum: Receive a customized CP_OutplacementBrochure_FNL2_sprd_img1outplacement package suited to your workforce. We offer flexible solutions and personalized support to accommodate even the urgent or complex staffing challenges. Ask us for a custom quote!

Gold: An annual contribution of $2,500 will enable you to refer three displaced employees during the first year. You will also receive two targeted priority job placements for specific openings and our client resource summary report listing of new talent that might fit your needs.

Silver: A contribution of $1,000 covers your first outplacement referral during the first year. The cost for each additional employee during the year is $900. You will also receive our client resource summary report listing of new talent that might fit your needs.

*CareerPlace™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Charitable contribution deductions are subject to current tax law.

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